Why photography matters?


Or my philosophy about importance of a memory.

How important is a photograph for you? If you are here, reading this, I suppose it is quite important.

Let's fast forward to 20 or 30 years later. You are somewhere else in your life, your kids are all grown up, having their own lives. The only touchable thing you will have are printed photos of those moments you have spent together. Of your engagements, your wedding, first pregnancy, your newly born girl or boy, first steps and so on. You will have moments when you will pick up those photos and go through them just to catch the feeling again. The feeling of how it was back then. 

My grandparents used to have a camera, while they were still quite young and they made quite a bunch of photos back then! I remember, when I discovered these photos I suddenly started to see them differently. They somehow stopped being just grandparents to me and I saw them in completely new light. I saw two twenty-something year old people very much in love, enjoying their lives, being silly and playful. And I fell in love with all those moments that happened long before my time. I fell in love with who they were as if I met them for the first time in my life. Isn't that beautiful? To be able to see those moments even if you were not in this world when they happened, but they still somehow are a part of who you are? 

My grandparents are no longer here. I still, with the same excitement in my heart, occasionally take those old photos, pour a glass of wine, get under a blanket and go through them. I still miss them like crazy. And I still remember all those fun things we did together when I was just a small girl. I still feel their love when I see their faces on those photographs.

Photographs make us feel. They make us remember. That is why they are important for me. Do you feel the same way?